“I have always been drawn to the portrait, especially the eyes. In my work I attempt to show the many facets of man, to bring his or her true soul and spirit alive, whether in painting or sculpture. When working on a portrait I often find myself “talking” to my subject, even though I may have never met them, and find their personality within the clay. I love the challenges facing the bas-relief sculptor and medalist, bringing form out of a planar surface to “beyond two-dimensions”.

BILL Gould

Both of my parents were artists, and I grew up in a community of great artists, so my goal is to help carry their traditions into the art of future generations.

I also have a life-long passion for technology and the superb design and craftsmanship by those who have come before us. I hope to help pass along this knowledge and wisdom to future generations. As the great Industrial Designer Henry Dreyfuss once told me: “We must understand our past to better design our future”