Gould Studios was founded by Bill and Geri Gould in 1973 to design products for the medical device and consumer product industries, as well as museums, and allow Geri to share her painting and sculpture.

Notable consumer products have included working prototype models of the Polaroid Instant Color Camera, the Pacemaker heart implant, the Spectra Color Photometer, Marsam Nebulizer, WD-40 “3-in-1” Oil Can, the PrisMedical drug delivery system and the Ventana Aortic Stent.

Clients have included Fallbrook Engineering, Safety Syringes, PrisMedical Corporation, Miletus and Associates, WD-40 Company, Pacesetter, Inc., IVAC, IMED, Iris Diagnostics, CBS, Mattel Toys, Texas Instruments, General Telephone, TherOx Corporation and VIA Medical, Arrinex and Inquis Medical, among others.

For many years they owned The Gould Company, a propriety plastic model railroad kit manufacturing company, selling to over 1500 retailers through 38 wholesalers worldwide. They sold the line in 1987 and relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to focus on Industrial and Product Design, and Geri on her painting and sculpture. 

Bill uses SolidWorks™ CAD software running on a high-end BOXX 128 core workstation, and is a recognized expert in photorealistic CG rendering, utilizing KeyShot Pro, Photoshop CS5, FilterForge, Photolab DxO, DAP Pro 7 and Luminar. His renderings have appeared in numerous magazines and books, and on many book covers.

Prior to founding his own business, he was employed by Hughes Aircraft Company, Advanced Development Division, as a modelmaker for programs including ANIK, OSO, and INTELSAT communication satellites, the Falcon, Sidewinder and Phoenix missiles, and the highly successful TOW anti-tank weapon system. He held a Top-Secret security clearance, and received numerous commendations for his work. 

Bill has semi-retired from product design to focus on his lifelong interest in railroading, Industrial Archeology and the History of Science. He uses the skills acquired over many years to create Digital Fine Art for giclee printing. 

His personal interests include creating handcrafted musical instruments and music recording in his professional level home studio. Bill and Geri were married in 1969.

Product Designs have included